Increase Customer Retention & Increase Sales

In this “Customer Service Training to WOW Customers & Increase Sales” course delegates will learn how to delight customers through positive communication and take them from Satisfied Customers to Ambassadors for your business, helping to reduce your sales costs and increase profit. Customer Service TrainingDelegates will also learn how upselling can increase sales by over 20%  using best practice techniques as well as knowing how to avoid the pitfalls of poor practice. Adding extra value to a purchase can improve customer satisfaction as well as your bottom line profits; however, if not handled correctly it can achieve exactly the opposite – a lost sale and a lost customer however if not handled correctly it can achieve exactly the opposite – a lost sale and a lost customer. Upselling is not limited to the sale of products, it is equally successful in the sale of services where moving to a higher service level can have beneficial cost values in terms of time saved or increased productivity. Upselling

To become skilled in the art of up-selling takes training, time, practice and perception resulting in benefits for your customers and your business.

This training course is also great value for account managers who want to improve their up-selling techniques as well as for all customer focused personnel.

Who Should Attend?

The course is designed for all those people who interact with customers and suppliers over the telephone from all departments including Reception, Customer Services, Accounts, Distribution, Stores, IT, Sales etc

Book Now to secure your place and reap the rewards of delivering great customer service. The course is interactive and limited to 12 delegates.

Customer Care to Increase Sales



This is an example of a 1 day first step workshop to improve people new to sales or who have had no previous formal sales training.For businesses which would prefer these workshops to be customised and delivered in house or for any other enquiries relating to training or our business development services contact us on +44 (0) 1529 413476 or