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August Updates

Open Training Courses – Peterborough & Lincoln,  Sept 5th & 6th

Do You Want To Close More Sales?

Well who wouldn’t? Even if you are a top sales guy why wouldn’t you want to close even more sales. However, like everything else selling is changing and since the start of the new millennium the change is accelerating every year.

To succeed in this changing world sales people still need to do the things that they have done since ‘selling’ became a profession, such as standing out against their competition, understanding their customers needs and building rapport & trust.  But how do you do that with the mass of information out there on the internet and buyers being inundated with messages coming in to them by email, digital marketing and social media etc?

In this training workshop you will learn the skills and knowledge to make best use of all the communication methodologies available today as well as the interpersonal communication and sales skills which are taught and then practiced and honed with experience. You will understand and learn how to boost your value by closing many more sales to new and existing customers by building trust .

Peterborough Time Limited Offer

Lincoln Time Limited Offer

Free Online Business AnalysisUpdates – New Free Online Business Analysis Introduced.

How is your business performing in today’s continually changing business climate? Complete the online 20 point Business Analysis and receive a free report and a no obligation 20 minutes telephone consultation call with Paul Clayton, Business Coach, Trainer & Mentor to gain valuable suggestions on growing your business.