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Congratulations to Andy Murray who won the Rome masters beating Novak Djokovic in straight sets last weekend. In the previous 20 meetings Andy had only won 4 times, so did he expect to the win this time? Of course he did. Like every successful competitor, in sport, business and life it is self belief and tenacity that makes people successful.

And so it is with sales. Several studies have been carried out which reveal that approximately 90% of sales people have given up after 4 No’s!

  • 48% of sales people give up after one ‘No’
  • 72% have given up after two ‘No’s’
  • 84% have given up after three ‘No’s’
  • 90% have given up after four ‘No’s’   *Dartnell CorpTicks

Yet 80% of sales are made on or after the 5th call. So 80% of sales are made by just 10% of sales people. Tenacity or perseverance pays in sales, but how do you go back more than 4 times and what do you say to the buyer? Once a ‘No’ is given by a buyer to you it is pointless to go back a second time with the same offer, it needs changing, and that doesn’t mean price in the vast majority of cases.

Take time to consider options or enhancements to your offer to make it more appealing and relevant to the buyer such as in the construction industry offering to hold stock if the customer is short of space and you have spare storage capacity. Always think of benefits for the customer and how you can help the busuccessful salesmanyer to take the stress out of buying so don’t give up. Become one of the 10% to boost your sales today.

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