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Negative Selling has been a key tactic in REMAINS Strategy of Project FEAR during the EU Referendum campaign this year. Look where it has got them – nowhere! Fear is a very powerful emotion and can can be used as a powerful tactical tool in your sales arsenal however, it should only be used, if at all, to put emphasis on a point  when closing your sale. Constant fear soon loses its power as it starts to become the norm. If you like eat spicy food on a regular basis you find that you need more & more of the spices as your palate becomes used to them. The majority of people are not stimulated by, and neither do they enjoy constant fear.

Positive selling is about making your customers feel good by matching  and emphasising the benefits of your offering to their needs, as we all know that customers will buy from the people & brands that they trust and value. It is about building strong relationships.

So don’t knock the competition; be knowledgeable, confident, enthusiastic and believe in the strengths of your company and the products and services that you sell and you will get more sales.

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