Posted by Paul on Oct 30, 2017 in Business Development, Business Strategies, Continuous Improvement, Planning, Sales, Sales Training

“Now we start the new year ” – a great quote yesterday by Toto Wolff, the Mercedes-Benz F1 team manager, after Lewis Hamilton and secured his fourth World Championship and Mercedes-Benz had already been confirmed as the constructors champions when asked by an interviewer “What happens now?”

That is what champions do. They keep working towards the future, building a better business through continuous improvement of people & processes. F1 is the epitome of continuous improvement with their cars being developed from race to race.

My question to you is “Are you planning your New Year?” With only 9 weeks before the start of 2018 now is the ideal time to review 2017 and look to the future. What are you going to change for the better or do you have the philosophy of “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. It’s up to you.

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