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After Monday’s debacle of a football match – oops! My mistake it was magnificent from Iceland and congratulations to them – from England’s point of view I thought of the wasted money from loyal fans who had travelled to France in expectation that they would at least move to the next stage, less money for UK’s pubs who desperately need support but will now not have the benefit of the extra sales on the game days.

What was the difference between England & Iceland? It wasn’t about talent, most of the overpaid England players have plenty of that when playing for their clubs. It wasn’t about having a bad game on the night, we haven’t had a good game in the tournament. It wasn’t just about having poor management to put the right planning into action. No it was about Belief & Pride by the players – It was a lack lustre performance by every player England player who took to the field last night – Belief & Pride in the country that they play for, Belief & Pride in the team & fellow players, Belief & Pride in themselves and belief that they could win! Iceland had Belief, Pride & Grit in abundance – it showed & they won!

It is the same with sales. To be successful you have to Belief & Pride in your Company, it’s products, services & customer care; Belief & Pride in your team to support you in a hugely competitive market place. Belief & Pride in yourself and it shows itself in enthusiasm, confidence, tenacity, determination (grit), getting it right first time & putting your customers needs and expectations at the top of your thinking and actions.


I just had to get that off my chest! Have a great day! I’ve just had a thought, it’s MAD, but it might just work – as an Englishman & English Rugby fan I think I’m going to give my support for the rest of the tournament to WALES!

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