Posted by Paul on Oct 6, 2016 in Business Development, Continuous Improvement, Planning, Sales

It’s October! The start of the last quarter of 2016!

How is 2016 for you and your business, is it going to plan? Good I hope.

Regardless of how your business is doing now it is a good time to review your business plan, which in reality you should at least be doing on a monthly basis, for Q4 of the calendar Year, or Q3 if you are working to the tax year.

Are you on target to achieve the success that you strive for? Is your plan on track, or has it slipped? If necessary now is the time to make adjustments to your plan, be ruthless in deciding what works for you – and do more of it, and what doesn’t work – and either ditch or modify it. To do this you must have measurements in place to make objective decisions, so, if you aren’t doing this or, dare I say it, you haven’t got a plan then it’s still not too late to start one. Without a plan in place nothing will happen. Why? Because everyday operations take over and the dreams will remain dreams.

Taking a realistic, no nonsense look at where your business is today, and how it has performed to date is essential before embarking on the future, unless of course you are going change your business completely. Reviewing and analysing your business honestly, seeing what worked and what didn’t, how products and services performed in various sectors by volume and margin, which customer types were easier to deal with and which 20% gave you 80% of your hassle factor will give you the starting point for developing your plan to move forward.

Without the answers that the review will give you, how will you know how to plan your direction to success?

Need help with your planning? Give me a call on +44 (0) 1529 413476 or Contact for a no obligation review of your business and finish  2016 Q4 (or Q3) on a high.

About the Author – Paul Clayton FInstSMM

I help successful business owners and Directors to increase their success. I specialise in Sales, Business Development & Customer Experience and believe that for a business to consistently develop and grow, customers must be the focus of everything that it does, with planned, positive action taken to continuously improve its People, Processes & Profits.

If you would value a no obligation review of your business to identify the opportunities and threats that you can react to, and benefit from, then contact me and take the next step on your way to achieve your success.

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