Posted by Paul on Jan 20, 2016 in Business Development, Sales Training

Selling V Buying! It is said that People like to buy and that there aren’t many who like to be sold to.

This is really about mindset – yours!

We have all heard and probably used the expression USP – Unique Selling Points or Unique Sales Proposition.

Using the word selling or sales implies that the proposal or proposition is viewed from your perspective (the seller) and not from the buyer’s; so for those of us who really want to provide our customers with what they need we should change the acronym USP to UBP  or Unique Buying Points or Proposition which switches the emphasis from you, the seller, to the buyer.

Idea MomentThis is a small detail but a massive change of mindset on how you think about your products and services. Putting your customer at the core of your thinking will, as you move through the sales process, ensure that you talk about the benefits to them and how your products and services can help them and not about you. By adopting this mindset you will make the buyer feel valued and that the decision that they have come to is right for them. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t challenge their reasoning or decisions, in fact by doing so you will be helping them to come to the right decision.

If you truly believe that your product or service will fulfil the buyers requirements you will probably find that the sales, or should I say buying process is less stressful for you and the buyer and will give both of you the outcome that you want – A win:win outcome.  If, at the end of the process your offering is not right for either you or your customer then be prepared to walk away from that particular piece of business. Don’t forget that if the buyer makes the wrong decision they will have to live with it and take the consequences which, if it is a big ticket transaction, may not be easily rectified in which case who will the buyer blame – YOU, the supplier!

A win:win situation is great for both parties and good for you in the development of your long term relationship with that customer.

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