Posted by Paul on Dec 21, 2015 in Business Development, Continuous Improvement, Uncategorized

Review your business before planning your future strategy is the message of this blog. It’s that time of year when many business owners look to the New Year to bring them the success that they live for. Expectations are high and dreams of better things to come are like the new years resolutions that fail by the end of January! Without a plan in place nothing will happen. Why? Because everyday operations take over and the dreams will remain dreams.

Taking a realistic, no nonsense look at where your business is today, and how it has performed over the last two years, is essential before embarking on the future, unless of course you are going change your business completely. Reviewing and analysing your business honestly, seeing what worked and what didn’t, how products and services performed in various sectors by volume and margin, which customer types were easier to deal with and which 20% gave you 80% of your hassle factor will give you the starting point for developing your plan to move forward.

Without the answers that the review will give you how will you know how to plan your direction to success?

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