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Salespeople are rightly judged by the number and value of sales that they gain; to achieve this they must have a continuous supply of leads to feed into the sales pipeline for these leads to become prospects and then customers.
One of the challenges in this process is to to actually talk with the buyer, and usually the first verbal contact is by phone and guess what? Over 70% of b2b sales calls go to voicemail and 90% of those are not returned *Source: RingLead .

So what do you do say when the call is answered by voicemail? The majority of salespeople who come through our sales training courses admit that they prefer not to leave a message for that very reason, or if they do leave a message it is just their name & company with a request for a callback – which doesn’t happen. Does this sound familiar?

Question: How do you get prospects, and sometimes even customers to return your call?

Prepare a sequence of up to 6 different voicemail messages, each one highlighting a different benefit for that particular prospect. You can then  leave  a different one each time you call and it goes to voicemail. It’s just like you would do in a sales interview, only this time your objective is for them to call you back. The message should not be longer than 20 seconds and show the buyer:

Your Professionalism
Your understanding of their Business
What’s in it for them – Identify the particular Benefit

How do you know if you have produced a benefit statement? If your prospect can answer it with “So what” then it isn’t a benefit – it may be a feature or an advantage but it isn’t a BENEFIT.

Make voicemail your friend and increase your chances of success.

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