Doing Business in these extraordinary times can be exciting, challenging, slow or non-existent. So which category, as a business owner/director do you belong to? And what are you doing about it?

Which Category?

  1. Booming – cannot handle any more sales – What are your plans to build on your success when the Boom goes POP?
  2. Changing – to take advantage of new opportunities – How? What? Who? When? What is your decision process?
  3. Surviving – Sales are struggling – a large percentage of our employees are furloughed – What is your plan to be and keep ahead of your competitors when the lockdown eases?
  4. Don’t Ask – Why? There is life after every crisis. Look for any silver lining and start building a plan NOW.

Do you need any help on your journey? Having experienced, survived and eventually prospered following the ERM recession (1992-94), the financial crash (2007-08) & Brexit (2016-2018) I do know that I have the experience and ability to help you to start and plan your future success.

Contact me to arrange a straight-talking, no BS and no sales pitch, complimentary, up to 60 minutes, discussion for you to take away ideas & tactics to plan & implement the next step in your journey to your success.

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About the Author Paul Clayton FISM

Paul Clayton FISM

Working with successful SME business owners and Directors, like you, gives me great satisfaction and pride, knowing that we are working together to grow your business and increase your success. As a business coach, mentor & trainer I can help you to develop your business by increasing sales from new and existing customers by putting your customers at the heart of your business with planned, positive action taken to continuously improve your People, Processes & Profits