Sales Ingenuity Programme

The key to good sales performance is consistency. Anyone can have a good sales month, but a high-performing salesperson and sales team can meet or exceed expectations for an extended period of time through different sets of economic circumstances and competitive situations.

How the Sales Ingenuity Programme works

Healdi’s Sales Ingenuity Programme enables sales personnel, managers, and directors to be the best they can be when it comes to selling their products and services. The programme follows a tried-and-tested framework, but each training module is carefully tailored to each client’s unique set of circumstances.

Training is holistic, covering every facet of the sales process. This makes the programme ideal for anyone working in sales in any capacity, whether they’re starting work in a new role, or they’ve been part of a sales team for years.

Sales process

The modules

The Sales Ingenuity Programme begins with a deep dive into sales strategies, both in terms of sales strategy planning and strategy implementation.

Following this introduction, the training is broken up into six core modules:

  • The Sales Process
  • The Sales Sequence
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Management
  • Account Management
  • Negotiation
  • Each module begins with a theoretical examination. Paul then offers his own personal guidance, grounded on years of experience and practical know-how.

The course is deliberately interactive and is geared towards real-world application. With this in mind, Paul provides actionable initiatives that trainees can immediately integrate into their current working practices.

Training tailored to your needs

Every business operates differently, and the Sales Ingenuity Programme provides training that caters to each company’s individual requirements. Some sales teams may struggle with lead generation but may be excellent negotiators. Some may have a sales process that differs from other businesses in their industry.

Regardless of the specificities of your company’s circumstances, Healdi can adapt the Sales Ingenuity Programme to ensure trainees derive maximum value from the course. Let us know what you’re struggling with, and we’ll create a course specifically for you.

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