Customer Focus

Your customers say a lot about your company

Your clients have more control over the success of your business than you may give them credit for. Yes, they pay the bills, but they’re also responsible for recommendations, repeat custom and, in some cases, even product development.

Customer Experience

A restaurant could serve you the most delicious meal you’ve ever had, but if the service was terrible then it would still leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Fulfilling your function as a product or service provider is important, but it’s the overall customer experience that makes your business stand out. People work with people, and your clients should enjoy the process of working with you just as much as they value the outcome.

Customer experience

Is it easy to place an order? Do you respond to enquiries quickly? Have your team members established a rapport? In many cases, clients will be willing to pay a premium to work with companies that reliably provide a good customer experience.

Customer Journey

Clients build up an impression of your business over the course of their journey as a buyer. This journey is made up of a complex map of interactions; some of which are within your control, and some of which are not.

A customer’s journey starts from the moment they first encounter your business. This could be through direct engagement with your website, during a conversation with a colleague, or on a phone conversation with your sales team. Brand consistency is key, and each interaction should reinforce the impression your company seeks to cultivate.

Customer journey

Every client’s journey will differ, but you should have clear checkpoints and milestones in place that all customers encounter over the course of their buying experience. Healdi can help carefully curate this journey to encourage repeat custom.

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