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Regardless of how successful or innovative a business might be, it can’t always be plain sailing. We all hit walls or plateaus, and we all encounter unforeseen difficulties.

Business growth may be at a standstill. You may be struggling to attract or retain new clients. Sales may be slow, customers could be complaining, or cashflow might be an issue.

No matter what challenge it is you’re dealing with, support is at hand.

Our Services

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to business consultancy. Every business faces a unique set of challenges, and Healdi’s solutions are tailored to each client’s specific situation. Our services fall into three distinct categories.

Customer Focus

Customers are the lifeforce powering your business. Without customers, your company cannot continue to survive. Adopting a client-orientated strategy will help your business to attract a steady stream of new clients, while maintaining and growing your working relationships with your existing customer base.

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People Improvement

People improvement is as much about leveraging your employees’ skills as it is about ensuring that they are happy. Improving working environments for employees pays in dividends. Clients may initially approach you for your products or services, but they will return because your people make them feel valued.

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Business Improvement

Working alongside your team, we’ll implement changes that that aid development in the short and long-term. Whether you’re looking to adapt an existing strategy or replace one that no longer works, Healdi offers consultancy, coaching, training, and mentorship to help you take your business to the next level and beyond.

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Need sales support?

Our Sales Ingenuity Programme will help you evaluate, manage and boost sales

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What we do

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A no-obligation, no-cost discussion to understand your goals & aspirations, where your business is at present and what are your desired outcomes – short, medium & long term.

Step 2


A proposal detailing the methodology using consultancy, training & coaching, either singularly or a mix dependent on your requirements.

Step 3


Agree Terms and start the process to achieve your success.

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