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Helping Successful Businesses to Increase Their Success

Welcome – Do You Want more success for your business?


Success for business owners comes in many different guises; for some it is to rule the world while for others it may be to provide security for their family or to be the best in their sector, whatever best means.Review your business before planning

So, what does success look like to you and what are your challenges, if any, which are stopping you from achieving it?

Our Clients are successful businesses, from Start Ups to Corporate Organisations where we work with Owners and Directors who want to increase their success.

Working with businesses in manufacturing, engineering, construction and B2B services we help them thrive in periods of change, such as growth, moving into new markets or simply needing to change direction. Our process also identifies the associated risk factors connected with any change and recommends pro-active measures to reduce the risk. These businesses come in all sizes and operate in traditional sectors from agriculture and food, to growth sectors such as IT, Telecoms & Energy.

With over 15 years’ experience in consulting and training following a successful career in sales & senior management roles with International, National & Regional businesses Paul Clayton, our lead coach & trainer understands the challenges and needs of our clients and can use his extensive experience and knowledge to help you to achieve your success through the continuous improvement of your People, Processes & Profits.  Business Strategy1=arrow

To book no obligation review of your business with Paul to identify the opportunities and challenges that you can react to, and benefit from, then contact us and take the next step on your way to achieve your success.

We can help you to:

    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Increase Sales from New & Existing Customers
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Develop a “Can Do” Culture within Your Business
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Create & Implement Customer Focused Strategies for Your Growth
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Develop & Manage of Your Sales Process
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Reduce Risk & Costs in Your Business
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Continuously Develop Your People, Processes & Profits
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Reduce Management Time Spent in Meetings 
     Healdi_Bullet_Small  Manage Change 
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Create Sanity from Chaos
We Do This by Improving:
     Healdi_Bullet_Small  Customer Experience & Engagement
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Leadership & Management  Skills 
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Sales Skills
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Internal & External Communcation   
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Risk Management
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Staff Motivation
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Business Performance
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Cash Flow & Company Data Security 


Our advice & training comes with a money-back promise. *

Interested? Contact us to arrange a no strings review of your business with a free phone consultation – 01529 413476 

*T&Cs apply

 So what makes us different from the other Coaches/Consultants/Mentors/Advisors & Trainers?
Our belief is that to consistently develop and grow your business, your customers must be the focus of everything that you do, with planned, positive actions taken to continuously improve your people, your processes and your profits.
 Paul Clayton, Healdi blank



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