Attention Engineering Business owners struggling to retain qualified technicians

6. Increase Staff Retention – Understand Your Employees’ Personal and Professional Goals

Day 6

In Day 5 we looked at the positive impact that employee incentives can make in the workplace. Today is how understanding your Employees’ Personal and professional goals will increase their loyalty to you.

Your business plan will reflect your goals and aspirations. The success of your plan will depend on your ability to retain, develop and grow your engineering and technical staff which is crucial if you are to achieve your objectives.

People out of work is at a 47 year low and skilled workers are at a premium giving your competitors the same challenges as you. Your strategy must make you the employer of choice in your sector.

Like you and me your employees are people, individuals with personal and professional goals meaning success is different for everyone in terms of money, status, work/life balance etc.

Take time out to understand what motivates each of your employees, at work and in the home. Why they to come to work and what are they trying to achieve?

To know and understand your employee’s values, dreams and aspirations will make them feel valued and respected. Knowing this will help you to improve future planning for your business and the development of your people.

Understanding and developing your employees will increase their loyalty and value to you and make you the Employer of Choice in your sector.

That’s day 6. Day 7 Invest in your Employees Training & Self Improvement to increase Employee Engagement

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