Communication – Informing & Listening to your Employees

Day 2

In Day 1 we looked at how to create a customer focused culture and strategy. Today, I will show you how a customer focused business uses great communication.

Communication comes in many ways, although the definition is simple – It is the giving & receiving of messages clearly and unambiguously.

Your Customers and Suppliers will communicate with you by phone, email, text messages, web sites, fax and social media; Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to name a few and also dependent on your market sector. And isn’t it Brilliant? Don’t answer that, I’ll cover it in a later Post.

Without great communication a business will never have a customer focused culture. Great communication is necessary and vital between suppliers and customers. Today I want to discuss your internal customers – Your Employees

With customer focus your business will thrive through increased brand awareness, referral & testimonials, so reducing your cost of sales. So why don’t all businesses treat their employees as customers? Your Employees are probably your highest cost and potentially your most valuable asset.

Make your employees feel valued and important to your business gives them reasons other than money to come to work. This is not rocket science and once employees feel valued productivity rises.

Yesterday we heard that developing a customer focused culture it is essential to understand the needs of your customers. So do you know the needs of your employees? Have you asked them?

You and your management team drive the culture of your business, whatever that may be.

When businesses have a high churn of employees and productivity is low it is a sign of poor employee engagement. This Top-Down culture is found in businesses where employees are told what to do without being able to give feedback.

Encouraging employees to give improvement suggestions and giving them constructive feedback improves employee engagement. These are the people who do the work on a daily business and know when something can be improved.

Listening and giving feedback on what your employees are saying to you will make them feel valued and give you a loyal workforce with higher retention rates and increased productivity.

Make employees feel that they are a valuable part of the business. Give them regular updates and reviews on how the company is performing?

There it is – Day 2. Tomorrow we will discuss Building Trust.

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