Day 3 of 14

Trust – It Has to Be Reciprocal!

Day 3

In Day 2 we looked at how great communication is essential in a customer focused culture. Today, we will discuss how trust has to be developed to increase employees motivation.

Trust has to be earned – it is not a given right. Trust your employees and they will reciprocate.

Trust is a major factor in creating Engaged Employees.

Engaged Employees will contribute to the development and growth of your business with their ideas and passion to help you succeed.

How do you earn that trust?

  1. Communicate with employees. Don’t talk at them. Ask questions to and listen to the answers. Listen to their questions and give feedback
  2. Be professional & Consistent – keep your values and beliefs in everything that you do and say at all times.
  3. Be available for employees to talk to you about issues they may be concerned about. Dependent on the size of your business this may be direct to you or, in a large organisation, this responsibility is delegated to your managers.
  4. Give responsibility by starting to delegate – a small project to complete with objectives and time or date for completion. Let them know that if they have any queries that your door is open for them to discuss. If the query is about a problem – ask them to think of 2 or 3 ways to solve the problem before coming to. Discuss, agree, action and follow up.
  5. Don’t micro-manage – once the project has been agreed let them get on with it.
  6. Acknowledge and give praise for a job well done on the day. Small gestures can go a long way on morale
  7. Have regular, open 1-to-1 appraisals where there are no surprises from either side
  8. Keep employees informed about your business on a regular basis. An internal newsletter or weekly/monthly team meetings
  9. Lead by example and be prepared to help out when in busy times or when needed.

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” ― Ernest Hemingway

There it is – Day 3. In Day 4 we will discuss how Respect affects Employee Engagement

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