Day 4.

Respect – Appreciation & Recognition

In Day 3 we discussed how successful businesses are built on Trust. Today I want to show how having Respect helps to improve teamwork and productivity.

Respect can be defined as treating others as you would want to be treated by others.


Having consideration for yourself and others.

How Does Respect Affect The Workplace?

Individuals who recognise and have respect for each others’ knowledge, abilities and experience encourage teamwork which improves productivity and profitability

Your Employees know they are respected and valued for their skills, attitude and achievements. They are an important part of your Company’s success and helping to create a positive culture.

Before you implement issues which affect your employees’ roles, responsibilities and working environment, inform and consult with them

Treating employees as individuals and with respect makes them assets – loyal and motivated to do their best for your company.

When employees are not respected they can become a threat to your business

When your leaders and colleagues ask each other for advice and opinions before making informed decisions, you will know that a culture of respect is alive and well

There it is – Day 4. In Day 5 the subject is – Rewarding Employees when they perform well

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