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14 Days Challenge and 14 Ways for Business Owners & Directors to Keep & Attract Essential Employees

Today & Into the Future!

The unemployment rate in the UK at 3.8% (ONS)* is the lowest rate for 45 years. The good news is that more people are in work however on the flip side employers wanting to grow their businesses are finding it harder to recruit employees with the required skills.

Recruiting staff with the right skills is the largest anticipated obstacle that businesses (60%) face in achieving growth goals & objectives over the next three years (IET)*

In times of high employment your employees, especially those who have the essential skills and attitude for your business to flourish, could be targetted by your competitors with promises higher remuneration packages or career progression etc…etc. If an employee were to leave how would you replace them?

The costs incurred in time and money for recruitment, training and getting the new employee, if you can find one, up to speed are substantial. How much better to keep your existing employees working with you; however, you will need to give them good reasons to stay, and it’s not just money, although this may be necessary for a short term fix.

So what can you put in place? Accept my 14 days Challenge to equip your Business with my 14 Employee Engagement strategies and tactics to be a Business where your Employees feel valued as individuals and an important member of your team? Safeguard and future proof your business knowing that your employees are loyal to you and you are also attracting high calibre people who want to join your business.

I will expand one item in the list below in numerical order on a daily basis, except on weekends (catch up time) for 14 days.

  1. Customer-focused Company Culture & Values – Transparency
  2. Communication – Informing & Listening to your Employees
  3. Trust – Reciprocal
  4. Respect – Appreciation & Recognition
  5. Rewarding Employees when they perform well
  6. Understanding your Employees’ Personal and professional goals
  7. Investing in your Employees – Training & Self Improvement
  8. Opportunity for Growth, Development & Advancement
  9. Leadership – Delegating & Challenging
  10. Managing Management Input
  11. Optimising Workload – Roles, Responsibilities & Capabilities
  12. Provide Support to Improve Morale & Reduce Stress
  13. Recognition of Work/Life balance
  14. Developing Engaged Stakeholders – Customers & Suppliers

There it is. If by the end of the 14 days, or earlier, you feel that you would like to learn more about Employee Engagement or Increasing Profitable Sales then Message me through LinkedIn or give me a call on +44 (0)1529 413476 or email me at

*ONS – Office for National Statistics                                                                                                   *IET – Institute of Engineering & Technology 2019 IET Skills & Demand Survey

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