Customer Focused Company Culture & Values – Transparency

Day 1

The first day’s challenge to future proof your business. Successful business leaders recognise that strategy and culture are essentially linked.

It is your customers that keep your business running. They have a lot more control over your success than you may give them credit for. When your customers are happy, they will keep coming back to you and encourage others to do the same.

To consistently develop and grow your Customers must be the focus of everything that you do. Developing a Customer Focused culture and continuously improving your people, processes and products will grow your business, reputation and Profits.

Customer focus is NOT just about delivering excellent customer service. It is about making customers feel valued at every touchpoint of your business. Valuing your employees like customers is also fundamental to creating a Customer Focused Culture. By helping them to develop and grow as individuals will increase employee retention and reduce your costs.

Creating a Customer Focused Culture does not happen overnight. It takes time, persistence and patience.

Where does it start?

Customer focus at every touch point of your bsiness

It starts with the leaders of your Business creating and agreeing your Customer Focused Strategy; detailing in writing, your Vision, Goals, Values and expected direction of travel. Once agreed they should be communicated to all employees, customers and relevant stakeholders. This creates Alignment, Transparency and Accountability for your business.

Understanding the needs of your customers is essential when developing a Customer Focused Culture.

Your products & services may have to be developed to fulfil those needs.

All employees regardless of position or department must know your products/services and understand benefits your customers derive from them.

Once these are in place you are starting to understand your Customer’s journey.

There it is – Day 1. If by the end of the 14 days or earlier you would like to know more about how I can help you to boost sales and grow your business please contact me.

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