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Valuing Suppliers Strengthens the Business Relationship

Posted by Paul on Jul 22, 2015 in Continuous Improvement, Customer Experience

The subject of loyalty schemes for customers was discussed at the Grantham Business Club last evening as a tactic to make customers feel valued and obviously where they can be used to effect and increase loyalty this is a great tactic to use, especially in retail and the leisure industries.

However, how many of us show our suppliers that we value them? In a previous post – Do You Treat Suppliers as Customers or Suppliers – I stressed how valuing your suppliers as you value your customers can have significant benefits for your business, but how do you demonstrate it?

If you value someone you should tell them

If you value someone you should tell them

A couple of months ago I did some training for a client based on how first impressions can have a significant impact on customer experience. 2 day’s later I received a thank you card through the post signed by the delgates who attended the event. How did that make me feel? Fantastic! Do I want to support that client in the future? Definitely! Do I want to continue to develop our business relationship? Yes! Am I an advocate of their business? Yes!

The moral of the story is that if you treat your suppliers as customers and actually show and tell them that they are valued it will reinforce your business relationship with them and benefit both parties.


Paul is a Business Development Coach & Trainer specialising in High Growth Strategy Planning & Implementation.  Developing Customer Focused Business to Deliver Growth.

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