Grow Your Business by Gaining & Retaining Customers

Business on the Line

The ability to build business by gaining and retaining customers is often the greatest challenge for both new and established companies. Successful businesses understand that every time there is an opportunity to interact with a customer there is a chance to win new business and build better relationships.  

We are a business management & training consultancy specialising in continuous business improvement. Our specialties include improving business competencies, communication, strategic sales & marketing planning and customer experience management (CEM), working for clients, from all sectors, who want to be the best in their chosen business sector and stand head & shoulders above the competition.

We help businesses to:

  • Grow more PROFIT
  • Improve planning
  • Gain new customers
  • Boost sales through existing customers
  • Build outstanding customer relationships
  • Increase customer retention rates
  • Improve supplier service levels & loyalty
  • Raise Brand image and awareness
  • Strengthen internal team cohesion and motivation

Making Communication Work For You To Improve Your Business

Our specialty is our knowledge of Communication, Sales, Sales & Marketing Strategy, Customer Service & Customer Experience which we use to improve business and profitability. We believe passionately that better communication and improved Customer Experience Management within all departments of an organisation will increase the amount of business with both new and existing clients to boost sales, improve customer & supplier loyalty and raise brand image & awareness.

From customer service training to setting up and managing telemarketing projects we cover all aspects of communication and Customer Experience Management..

Healdi Consultancy & Project Management                                                                            

  • Mystery Shopper - independent, unbiased feed back on your organization & its departments' handling of telephone queries
  • Telephone Audit - understand the use of the phones within your organization to increase productivity, customer retention & reduce cost
  • Telemarketing - setting up and managing an outsourced campaign to creating a full internal telemarketing department or call centre.
  • Customer Service - setting up an internal Customer Service team or finding and managing an outsourced call centre
  • Contact Management - identify and help you to put in place cost effective communication strategies to retain existing customers and increase sales.
  • Telephone Compliance - TPS, CTPS, Data Protection, call recording and H & S issues affecting every business with a telephone
Healdi Training Healdi Specialist Search & Selection
  • Recruitment - Recruiting Call Centre & Telemarketing Teams & Management Personnel
  • Personal Profiling - Profiling the individual - Thomas International PPA
  • Job Profiling - Profiling the Job - Thomas International HJA

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We operate an open and fixed pricing policy and guarantee that, once we have accepted a brief and contract from you, it will be delivered within the price quoted.

Our Guarantee

At Healdi we operate a policy whereby we will spend the necessary time, at no cost and no obligation, to understand our Client’s needs prior to presenting a proposal and guarantee that, once we have accepted the contract it will be delivered within the price quoted.

Try our Mystery Shopper Service to gain an independent, unbiased view of your organizations interface with people and businesses in contact with you.