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Driving Results For Business - Taking the Pain Out of Growth

Want more success for your business?

Welcome to Healdi, the Pathway to Business Success.


You are definitely in the right place if your objectives include:

Review your business before planning

    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Being No1 in your market & sector
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Increasing sales, profitability & productivity
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Protecting & enhancing your brand image & reputation
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Improving customer & staff retention
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Moving into different markets
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Reducing sales & marketing costs
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Developing & implementing a plan to achieve the above


We have the skills, experience & passion to work with our business clients, who come in all sizes, to achieve their success with advice & training.

Our specialities include :

    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Creating & Implementing Customer Focused Strategies for Growth
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Business Development
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Sales Process Development & Management
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Improving Customer Experience & Engagement
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  The Continuous Improvement of People & Processes
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Change Management
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Risk Reduction
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Leadership & Management Training
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Staff Development
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Improving Business Performance
    Healdi_Bullet_Small  Protecting your cash flow and company data

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Our advice & training comes with a money-back promise if you’re in any way unhappy with our service*. 

Interested? Contact us to arrange a no strings review of your business with a free phone consultation – 01529 413476 

*T&Cs apply

 So what makes us different from the other Coaches/Consultants/Mentors/Advisors & Trainers?
Our Belief!
 “To consistently develop and grow a business, Customers must be the focus of everything that it does, with planned, positive actions taken to continuously improve its people, processes and profits”. Paul Clayton, Healdi 



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